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WELCOME TO QUELARTISTIC, the fanfiction community of Nashi Des. This community features derivative works from various fandoms, but the one most active at this time is Square-Enix's Final Fantasy VII game series.

This community has open membership, but posting is limited to the author herself.
Be warned, some of the stories in this community feature adult themes of various types, some of which could be considered offensive to certain readers. All posts are marked with appropriate warnings, pairings, and ratings. If you have a kneejerk reaction to any of those things listed in the header of a particular fic, please don't force yourself to read through it anyway.

K · Approved for most audiences. No or a very low amount of moderate swearing and no adult situations.

K+ · Not approved for small children due to slightly harder language or moderately more mature situations.

T · For ages roughly thirteen and above. May contain mild adult themes and mature language.

M · Not for immature readers. Usually includes extremely hard language, violence and/or obvious adult situations.

MA · No minors allowed. Contains graphic depictions of various mature themes including (but not limited to) sex and violence.

Final Fantasy VII · A J-RPG legend, following the adventure of an amnesiac on a quest to kill a man who may have once been his best friend. Refers to the full series, including Advent Children, Crisis Core, Before Crisis and Dirge of Cerberus. Property of Square-Enix.

Chrono Cross · Sequel to an RPG icon, follows the mindbending trials of a seventeen-year-old swept into an alternate world filled with intrigue of both political and magical origin, which only he can save--because in this world, he's been dead for a decade. Property of Square-Enix.

Jak and Daxter · Video game series based on a wildly alien world, where the gods are rats and the hero is a monster. Refers to the full series, including The Precursor Legacy, Renegade, Wastelander, Combat Racing, and The Lost Frontier. Property of Naughty Dog Incorporated.

Avatar: The Last Airbender · Animated series based on a worldwide war and featuring the mass murder of every member of a certain race save one--the only one that could save the world. Property of Nickelodeon Productions Incorporated.

The Legend of Zelda · Platforming icon, centric on the adventures of a little elven boy pulled into a greater adventure than his upbringing would ever have let him imagine. Includes the latter portion of the series, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess. Property of Nintendo.

Final Fantasy VIII · A J-RPG centric on a group of teenaged mercenary magic-users roped into keeping an insane sorceress from destroying time itself. Property of Square-Enix.

Please refer to the tags list in the sidebar of the main community page for easier browsing. All posts are categorized by rating, fandom, fic type, pairing, and all main fandom posts are further streamlined by character.

The community layout's stylesheet was designed by profoundly_grey, while all modifications and the profile were designed by the author. Any artwork featured, unless otherwise noted, is the property of Nashi Des, and all original characters are the property of their respective owners.